Earache Radio No 13

July 2, 2017

Earache Radio No 13 


Electric Frankenstein - "Face at the Edge of the Crowd"

Mudhoney - "You Make Me Die"

The Pleasure Fuckers - "The Saint"

The Candy Snatchers - "Bum Me Out"

Bloodloss - "Hated In My House"

AntiSeen - "Beat on the Brat"

Nashville Pussy - "Go Motherfucker Go"

Pearl Schwartz - "Stars in the Street"

The Dirty Fingers - "Only Perverts Play Rock N' Roll"

The Humpers - "Dead Last"

9 Pound Hammer - "Two Tub Man"

The Persuaders - "See My Reason"

The Cynics - "Baby What's Wrong"

The Statics - "Kinds of Women"

The Oblivians - "Strong Come On"

The Makers - "Selling Purple Hearts"

The Hellacopters - "Thanks for Nothing"

The Nomads - "In A House of Cards"

HEAD - "Larry Tate"

The Sons of Hercules - "Private Hell"



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