Earache Radio No 14

July 17, 2017

Earache Radio No 14


Sugar Shack - "Don't Bum Me Out"

Bloodloss - "I'll Be Around"

The Melvins - "Leech"

The Short Fuses - "Here Come the Warm Girls"

OBN iii's - "Rich Old White Men"

Tractor Sex Fatality - "Cage Match"

The Kent 3 - "Sleeper"

Deep Reduction - "Black Tulip"

The Dubrovniks - "Speedway Girls"

The Campus Tramps - "Right Here Right Now"

Adam West - "Sizleen"

The Secrets - "Who's Walkin' Who"

The Villains - "Villain"

The Monomen - "Don't Know Yet"

The M80s - "Slit My Wrist"

The Drags - "Well Worth Talkin' About"

The Kidnappers - "Spanish Girls"

The Blacks - "Boss With the Hot Sauce"

The Statics - "She Said Oh"

The Registrators - "I Hate You"



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