Earache Radio No 16

August 12, 2017

Earache Radio No 16


Plastic Crimewave Sound - Shockwave Rider

King Snake Roost - "School's Out"

The Jesus Lizard - "Fly On The Wall"

Killdozer - "Short Eyes"

Flipper - "Flipper Twist"

Poison Idea - "Hangover Heartattack"

Steelwool - "Dog That Bites"

The Cosmic Psychos - "Crazy Woman"

Pansy Division w/ Jello Biafra - " "Average Men"

Zeke - "You Gotta Roll"

Sugar Shack - "You Don't Mean Shit To Me"

Calabros - "Gonna Eat Me"

The Onyas - "London, Paris, Breckenridge"

Cococoma - "Keep That Volume Down"

Johnny Vomit &/the Dry Heaves - "Big Black Boots and a Go Go Butt"

The Insomniacs - "Already Down"

The Flip-Tops - "Washed Out"

Thee Mighty Caesars - "You are Forgiven"

The Functional Blackouts - "Chemical Bath"

MOTO - "Skinny Head"



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