FFOF #30

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 30

The Fallouts - “Spies”
The Kent 3 - “The Kaiser”
The Gloryholes - “You’re So Vile”
Mean Jeans - “Possessed to Party”
The Phantom Scars - “feelin’ ripped off”

The Ritchie Whites - “Stop Me Before I Kill Again”
East Bay Grease - “Just Head”
The Stalkers - “I Couldn’t Wait to Get Home”
The Okmoniks - “”Locked In The Trunk of Your Ford Blues”
The Teepees - “Do The Smog”
The Jinxes - “I’m Jinxed”
Underground Railroad to Candyland - “I Dunno What I’m Sayin’”
Thee Cormans - “Big Twins Forever”
The Phantom Surfers - “Playa Raton”

The Pacifics - “Caveman”
The Teutonics - “Komm Marr Hier”
Thee Four Teens - “Right Now!”
The Fadeaways - “That’s the Way My Love Is”
The Smuts - “Sooprize Package for Mr Lowery”
MOTO - “O.T.C.O.D”
The Deadly Weapons - “Backstabber”
The Hentchmen - “Two-Tone Belair”
The Kaisers - “Hipshake Shimmy Kitten”
The Flakes - “Hang Up”
The Milky Ways - “Wanna Be With You”
Tandoori Knights - “Bucketful”

Untamed Youth - “Girl and a Hot Rod”

Explicit 18+


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