FFOF #31

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!  Episode No 31

Coconut Coolouts - “I Wanna Come Back (From the Wold of LSD)
The Pills - “Juke Jive”
Mudhoney - “Need”
The Gloryholes - “Give it a Rest”
The Wiretaps - “Call Waiting”

The Rangers - “Mogul Monster”
GONN - “”You’re Lookin’ Fine”
The Nomads - “My Little Ruby”
The Loons - “Paradise”
Jeffrey Novak - “One of a Kind”
The Fliptops - “System Overload”
Saccharine Trust - “Six Pack”
Big Bobby &/the Nightcaps - “Ride”
The Flash Express - “Fire”
The Countbackwurds - “Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?”
The Drags - “Black Light”
Henry Fiat’s Bastard - “Your Mom is a Fucking Mongo”

The White Wires - “Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill”
The Fadeaways - “Trip In Tyme”
Kim Fowley - “The Trip”
Reading Rainbow - “Into the Void”
Cuby &/the Blizzards - “Your Body Not Your Soul”
Tomorrow’s Tulips - “Flowers on the Wall”

Explicit 18+



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