FFOF #33

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!  Episode No. 33

BUM - “Why Go Out of Your Way”

Yummy - “Do Yer Fix”
The New Town Animals - “Fallin’ Outta Space”
Thunder Buffalo - “Camera”

The Trans Ams - “Check Out Girl (Take Me Home)”
The Phantom Surfers - “Tokyo Twist”
The Pebbles - “I Wanna Be Loved By You”
The Titans - “I Got Good For Everything”
Supersnazz - “Uncle Wiggly”
The Spunks - “Can-nana Fever”
Fifi &/the Mach 3 - “Chu Chu Lil’ Baby”

Ramma Lamma - “Big Street Time”
Metal Mike, Alison & Julia - “No Surf Commies”
Porcharitas - “Get Wasted”
The Khans - “Mongolian Beef”
The Black & Whites - “You’re the Only Girl”
The Radio Beats - “No-Good Girl”
The Give-Ups - “I Taught the World How to Talk Dirty”
Bobby &/the Soft Spots - “Can’t Get Her Off”
Supercharger - “Don’t Mess Me Up”
The Winks - Spoil Me

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - “Killer Beach”

Explicit 18+

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