FFOF #33

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!  Episode No. 33

BUM - “Why Go Out of Your Way”

Yummy - “Do Yer Fix”
The New Town Animals - “Fallin’ Outta Space”
Thunder Buffalo - “Camera”

The Trans Ams - “Check Out Girl (Take Me Home)”
The Phantom Surfers - “Tokyo Twist”
The Pebbles - “I Wanna Be Loved By You”
The Titans - “I Got Good For Everything”
Supersnazz - “Uncle Wiggly”
The Spunks - “Can-nana Fever”
Fifi &/the Mach 3 - “Chu Chu Lil’ Baby”

Ramma Lamma - “Big Street Time”
Metal Mike, Alison & Julia - “No Surf Commies”
Porcharitas - “Get Wasted”
The Khans - “Mongolian Beef”
The Black & Whites - “You’re the Only Girl”
The Radio Beats - “No-Good Girl”
The Give-Ups - “I Taught the World How to Talk Dirty”
Bobby &/the Soft Spots - “Can’t Get Her Off”
Supercharger - “Don’t Mess Me Up”
The Winks - Spoil Me

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - “Killer Beach”

Explicit 18+

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FFOF #32

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 32


Screamin’ Furys – “All Right!”
White Fang – “I Hate Anything”
Jetpack – “Waste My Time”
The Primate 5 – “She Cleans House”
Yummy – “Happiness Is Best”

The Fells – “Bad News”
Killer Klown – “Shane White is A Friend of Mine”
American Soul Spiders – “Now I’m Alone”
The Morning Shakes – “Take You Out”
The Brentwoods – “The South City Shingle and Shake”
Mystic Eyes – “I Would Marry You Today”
Peach Kelli Pop – “No One Else Like Me”
Lou Reed – “Merry Go Round”
Les Sexareenos – “Mojo Workout”
The Gentlemen – “It’s a Cryin’ Shame”
The Boars – “By My Side”

The Distraction – “Auto Destruct”
The Sess – “Don’t Look Back”
The Customs – “Have Love Will Travel”
The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – “Faster & Louder”
The Angry Samoans – “I Lost My Mind”
The Germs – “What We Do Is Secret”
The Pink Swords – “P.S”
Weird Lovemakers – “Gotta Get Some”

The Ends – “Teenage Detox”

Explicit 18+



FFOF #31

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!  Episode No 31

Coconut Coolouts - “I Wanna Come Back (From the Wold of LSD)
The Pills - “Juke Jive”
Mudhoney - “Need”
The Gloryholes - “Give it a Rest”
The Wiretaps - “Call Waiting”

The Rangers - “Mogul Monster”
GONN - “”You’re Lookin’ Fine”
The Nomads - “My Little Ruby”
The Loons - “Paradise”
Jeffrey Novak - “One of a Kind”
The Fliptops - “System Overload”
Saccharine Trust - “Six Pack”
Big Bobby &/the Nightcaps - “Ride”
The Flash Express - “Fire”
The Countbackwurds - “Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?”
The Drags - “Black Light”
Henry Fiat’s Bastard - “Your Mom is a Fucking Mongo”

The White Wires - “Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill”
The Fadeaways - “Trip In Tyme”
Kim Fowley - “The Trip”
Reading Rainbow - “Into the Void”
Cuby &/the Blizzards - “Your Body Not Your Soul”
Tomorrow’s Tulips - “Flowers on the Wall”

Explicit 18+



FFOF #30

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 30

The Fallouts - “Spies”
The Kent 3 - “The Kaiser”
The Gloryholes - “You’re So Vile”
Mean Jeans - “Possessed to Party”
The Phantom Scars - “feelin’ ripped off”

The Ritchie Whites - “Stop Me Before I Kill Again”
East Bay Grease - “Just Head”
The Stalkers - “I Couldn’t Wait to Get Home”
The Okmoniks - “”Locked In The Trunk of Your Ford Blues”
The Teepees - “Do The Smog”
The Jinxes - “I’m Jinxed”
Underground Railroad to Candyland - “I Dunno What I’m Sayin’”
Thee Cormans - “Big Twins Forever”
The Phantom Surfers - “Playa Raton”

The Pacifics - “Caveman”
The Teutonics - “Komm Marr Hier”
Thee Four Teens - “Right Now!”
The Fadeaways - “That’s the Way My Love Is”
The Smuts - “Sooprize Package for Mr Lowery”
MOTO - “O.T.C.O.D”
The Deadly Weapons - “Backstabber”
The Hentchmen - “Two-Tone Belair”
The Kaisers - “Hipshake Shimmy Kitten”
The Flakes - “Hang Up”
The Milky Ways - “Wanna Be With You”
Tandoori Knights - “Bucketful”

Untamed Youth - “Girl and a Hot Rod”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #29

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 29 Guest host Johnny Modern



The Gossip - "No No No"
The Monomen - "Ain't No Friend of Mine"
HEAD - "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"
The Makers - "Don't Wanna Go Home"
Gas Huffer - "Sixty Three Hours"

The Hard Feelings - "(We Need Another) Vietnam"
The Oblivians - "Feel Alright"
Digger &/the Pussy Cats - "10 Car Pile up"
The Tears - "Miss Queen"
The Richmond Sluts - "Take You Home"
The Drags - "Cannible"
The Lords of Altamont - "Three"
The Superbees - "(I'm) Loose"
The Humpers - "Up Yer Heart"
The Candy Snatchers - "Takin' A Ride"

Andre Williams - "Lookin' Down at You Lookin' Up at Me"
Demolition Doll Rods - "Get It On"
The A-Bones - "She's Gotta Be Boss"
Roky Erickson - "I Have Always Been Here Before"

Explicit 18+


FFOF #28

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 28

The Statics – “Wimp”
The Primate 5 – “Action Woman”
The Pierced Arrows – “Keep Pushin’”
Dreamsalon – “Walkin’ Past My Dreams”
The Sellwoods – “Mary Kay”

The Lazy Cowgirls – “Hybrid Moments”
The Devil Dogs – “Tattood Apathetic Boys”
Teengenerate – “I Need Your Love Tonight”
Vom – “God Save the Whales”
Sick Thoughts – “I’m Tired of You”
AntiSeen – “Up All Night”
Die Rottz – “Skate & Destroy”
Mac Blackout Band – “Heartbreaker”
Cococoma – “All I Give”

The Brentwoods – “Go Little Sputnik
The Maggots – “50 Gallon Bladder”
MOTO – “Shitty Kids”
Meatbodies – “Wahoo”
Missing Monuments – “Covered in Ice”
Capt 9’s and the Knickerbocker Trio – “Good Girls Don’t”
The Raydios – “No Reason To Complain”

Mike Rep &/the Quotas – “Mama Was A Schizo, Daddy Was A Vegetable Man”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #27

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 27

Thankless Dogs – “Cops Took My Baby Away”
The Flying Dutchmen – “Girl Like You”
The Neins – “Skinny Black Jeans”
The Vultures – “Alcoholic Lady”
The Boss Martians – “XKE”
Gas Huffer – “Body Buzz”

Supersnazz – “I Gotta Go Now”
The Functional Blackouts – “Uniform”
The Drags – “Slick’s Livin’ It Up (On the Bottom of the Sea) – (The Peechees)
The Nomads – “E.S.P.”
The Brood – “I’ll Come Again”
Reading Rainbow – “Restless”
Apache – “Crystal Clear”
The Candy Snatchers w/ Steve Baise – “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
The Lazy Cowgirls – “Rock of Gibraltar”
American Soul Spiders – “Physical War”
Top Ten – “The First Time is the Best Time”
The Radio Beats – “Blow You Up”

Chinese Millionaires – “Heart on A Chain”
The Humpers – “Hey Shadow”
The Orphans – “Nobodys Fool”
Teengenerate – “Buzz Off”
Jeffrey Novak One Man Band – “Get Out”
The M80s – “You Been Told”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #26

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 26


Coconut Coolouts - "Head Full of Stones"
HEAD - "Killed By Death"
The Kent 3 - "Estrogen Cruiser"
Thankless Dogs - "Writing On The Wall"
The Vultures - "Soda Pressing"

The Bomb Pops - "Living on a Memory"
Gino &/the Goons - "Big Boy"
The Raydios - "Are You Ready?
Gorilla - "Mary Anne"
Audacity - "Finders Keepers"
Dutch Masters - "Pleasure"
The Candy Snathers - "Halloween"
Cococoma - "Take My Time"
The Drags - "Flying Saucer Rock N' Roll"
The Knaughty Knights - "Connection"
Jackie &/the Cedrics - "Bird Dog"
Goodnight Lovin' - "Nothing Conquers Us"

Cola Freaks - "Mig Mig Mig"
The Golden Pelicans - "The Earls"
The Devil Dogs - "The Higher the Heel"
The Swingin' Neckbreakers - "Rip it, Rip it Up"
Mudhoney - "You Stupid Asshole"

Explicit 18+


FFOF #25

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Episode No. 25 - The Lovesores

The Lovesores - “Revolver”

The Moguls - “Another Day”
Gas Huffer - “Nisqually”
The Fumes - “Alcoholiday”
8 Foot Tender - “Problems”
Red Fang - “Over the Edge”

Derelicts - “Lost Cause”
The Gits - “Loose”
Rat Party - “Runaround”
Wife Stealin' Bastards- “Orygun”
Audios Amigos - “Rip City Medley”

The Lovesores - “Mata Hari”
The Humpers - “Fast, Fucked & Furious”
The Vice Principals - “Showdown”
The Candy Snatchers - “Survival of the Fittest”
Big Bobby &/the Nightcaps - “Harm’s Way”
Pierced Arrows - “Paranoia”

Electric Frankenstein - “Queen Wasp”
Electric Frankenstein - “Road Crew”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #24

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Episode No. 24 - Paul Revere &/the Raiders


Paul Revere &/the Raiders - "Just Like Me"
The Hypstrz - "Louie Go Home"
Girl Trouble - "Steppin' Out"
Merton Parkas - "Steppin' Stone"
Flamin' Groovies - "Him or Me"
Paul Revere &/the Raiders - "Louie, Louie"

The Sloths - "Makin' Love"
Bobby Roberts &/the Ravons - "How Can I Make Her Mine"
The Rooks - "A Girl Like You"
We the People - "My Brother the Man"
The Ugly Ducklings - "Nothin'"

Kim (Salmon) & Leanne - "Science Test"
The Tee Pees - "Bitchin' Titties"
Cumstain - "Smoker"
Thee Cormans - "Mingo"
The Outdoorsmen - "Pornographic Stockpiles"
Livefastdie - "Practicing for the Gangbang"
Sick Thoughts - "Blood Red"

Cretin Stompers - "Eye of the Storm"
Tomorrow's Tulips - "Hotel Nowhere:
The Pretty Things - "Don't Bring Me Down"
Captain Beefheart - "Zig Zag Wanderer"
The Screaming Trees - "Psycho"

Explicit 18+