Earache Radio No 14

July 17, 2017

Earache Radio No 14


Sugar Shack - "Don't Bum Me Out"

Bloodloss - "I'll Be Around"

The Melvins - "Leech"

The Short Fuses - "Here Come the Warm Girls"

OBN iii's - "Rich Old White Men"

Tractor Sex Fatality - "Cage Match"

The Kent 3 - "Sleeper"

Deep Reduction - "Black Tulip"

The Dubrovniks - "Speedway Girls"

The Campus Tramps - "Right Here Right Now"

Adam West - "Sizleen"

The Secrets - "Who's Walkin' Who"

The Villains - "Villain"

The Monomen - "Don't Know Yet"

The M80s - "Slit My Wrist"

The Drags - "Well Worth Talkin' About"

The Kidnappers - "Spanish Girls"

The Blacks - "Boss With the Hot Sauce"

The Statics - "She Said Oh"

The Registrators - "I Hate You"



Earache Radio No 13

July 2, 2017

Earache Radio No 13 


Electric Frankenstein - "Face at the Edge of the Crowd"

Mudhoney - "You Make Me Die"

The Pleasure Fuckers - "The Saint"

The Candy Snatchers - "Bum Me Out"

Bloodloss - "Hated In My House"

AntiSeen - "Beat on the Brat"

Nashville Pussy - "Go Motherfucker Go"

Pearl Schwartz - "Stars in the Street"

The Dirty Fingers - "Only Perverts Play Rock N' Roll"

The Humpers - "Dead Last"

9 Pound Hammer - "Two Tub Man"

The Persuaders - "See My Reason"

The Cynics - "Baby What's Wrong"

The Statics - "Kinds of Women"

The Oblivians - "Strong Come On"

The Makers - "Selling Purple Hearts"

The Hellacopters - "Thanks for Nothing"

The Nomads - "In A House of Cards"

HEAD - "Larry Tate"

The Sons of Hercules - "Private Hell"



Earache Radio No 12

June 17, 2017

Earache Radio No 12


Tractor Sex Fatality - "Jungle Pam"

The Scientists - "Swampland"

The Makers - "I Get Scared"

The Mono Men - "Over the Edge"

The Carbonas - "Blackout Waiting To Happen"

The Ghetto Ways - "Hidden Charms"

The Highschool Rockers - "Fun Tonight"

The Minds - "We Got the Pop"

The FM Knives - "Estrogen"

Die Rotzz - "Lo Que Necessito"

Blunder Tongue - "Long Tall Willie"

BUM - "Weekend"

The Flash Express - "Ride the Flash Express"

Pearl Schwartz - End of Love"

The Fatals - "If You Don't Like Me"

HEAD - "Luv Theme of HEAD"

The Kent 3 - "Basketball Medics"

The Gargoyles - "The Goat"

The Thankless Dogs - "Never Knowing"

The Intimate Fags - "Break the Back"



Earache Radio No 11

June 4, 2017

Earache Radio No 11 


The Monomen - “Took That Thing”

The Problematics - “Bad Habit”

The Shop Fronts - “So Sick”

The Highschool Rockers - “I Love Anna Kournikova”

The Stitches - “You Tear Me Out”

The Orphans - “Electric S”

The Trashies - “Nude Beach”

Skin Yard - “Start At The Top”

Haunted Garage - “Brain In A Jar”

Steel Wool - “Devil’s Night”

Coffin Break - “Noise Patch”

Ex-Cult - “Stick the Knife In”

The Chemical People - “Been Here”

StreetWalkin’ Cheetahs w/ Deniz Tek - “More Fun”

The Hanson Brothers - “Brad”

The Dwarves - “Anybody Out There”

The Motards - “Put Me Down”

The Beavers - “Rock N’ Roll”

The M-80’s - “You Must Be Outta My Mind”

Love Tan - “Soloween”

Yummy - “Reverend Moon Doggie”




FFOF #15

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 15




Dead Moon - "Hey Joe"
The Pulses - "The Kinks Say Fuck You"
The Cripples - "Normal People"
The Wicked Ones - "Back to My Cave"
The Earaches - "Don't Care if I Die"


The Devil Dogs - "Hosebag"
Arch Hall Jr. - "Konga Joe"
The Gonn - "Don't Need Your Lovin'"
Mouse &/the Traps - "Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice"
The Bad Seeds - "Taste of the Same"
MC5 - "High School"
The Tell-Tale Hearts - "It's Just a Matter of Time"
Willie Alexander - "Don't Give it Up Now"
The Apparitions - "She's So Satisfying"
The Spades - "We Sell Soul"


The Final Solutions - "Brown Panther"
The Dictators - "Weekend"
Slaughter &/the Dogs - "White Light White Heat"
The Registrators - "School Lust"
The Pleasure Fuckers - "No Naggin' Hag"
Dusty Springfield - "Stay Awhile"


Explicit 18+


FFOF #18

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 18 - The Primate Five

Play List

The Primate Five - "Dwellin'"
The Primate Five - "Make You Mine"

Top 10 NW Rock N' Roll Songs Courtesy of the Primate Five:
The Statics - "Theme"
Girl Trouble - "The Skin"
Young Fresh Fellows - "Gorilla Time"
The Monomen - "Burning Bush"
The Wailers - "Mashi"
The Sonics - "Psycho"
The Exploding Hearts - "Throwaway Style"
Beat Happening - "Redhead Walking"
The Cripples - "Make Up Break Up or Fake It"
Moral Crux - "Final Hymn"

Primate Five - Leave My Kitten Alone"
The Woggles - "Something To Believe In"
MOTO - "Dick About It"
Los Diablos Del Sol - "Wild Sound"
The Rippers - "Into My Trap"
The Routes - "Do What's Right By You"
The Boss Martians - "Driftwood Beach"
The Traditional Fools - "Layback"
The Black Lips - "Oh Katrina"
The Final Solutions - "Tammy"

Explicit 18+


FFOF #37

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio No. 37

BUM - “I Wanna Be”
Bell - “Viral Love”
The Pointed Sticks - “What Do You Want Me To Do?”
Dig - “Metropolitan Surfer”
The Bill Collectors - “Hole in the City”
Gas Huffer - “First You Dream”
Sybil - “Olympia”

Green River - “10,000 Things”
Flathead - “In the Flesh”
The Statics - “Pinball Junkie”
The Sonics - “Like No Other Man”
Rocky &/the Riddlers - “Flash & Crash”

GIto Gito Hustler - “Life Goes On”
The Victims - “I Want Head”
Tyvek - “Future Junk”
The Orphans - “Moscow Massage”
The Lord High Fixers - “Round & Round”
The Roofdogs - “Christmas”
Apache - “Civil Disobedience”

Gito Gito Hustler - “Wonderful”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #36

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio Episode No 36

The Bill Collectors – “Gold Medal”
The Statics – “No Class”
The Screamin’ Furys – “She’s Allright”
Sinister Six – “Die For Me”
The A-Frames – “Complications”
The Gloryholes – “Pickled Eggs”

Fuck Knights – “Kristina!”
Dalai Lamas – “I Want You”
Gloo Girls – “Barbie USA”
The Fink Bombs – “El Cucuy”
Jimmy Jukebox (Kim Fowley) – “Motorboat”
The Titans – “Speed Queen Mama”
The Havenot’s – “Go Away”
The Raydios – “Are You Ready?”
Spider Babies – “Get Real Hurt”
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – “Vibe On”
Sick Thoughts – “Can’t Tell Me”

The Mummies – “I Saw Her In A Mustang”
The Go-Nuts – “Transfusion”
The Tee Pees – “You’re A Turd”
The Inland Emperors – “Hey, Hey Blake Pirtle”
Mystic Eyes – “I Can’t Wait To Love You”
The Bristols – “Our Love Will Still Be There”
The Nomads – “Rat Fink A Boo Boo”
Davie Allan &/the Arrows – “Encounter”

Sugar Shack – “Justice”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #35

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 35

Mudhoney – “She’s Just Fifteen” (Milkshakes)
The Monomen – “Wrecker”
The Invisible Eyes – “Long Way”
Ape City R & B – “Oh Lil’ Girl”
Brother Buzz – “Dynamite”

The Meices – “He’s Waiting”
The New Bomb Turks – “Summer Romance”
The Creamers – “You’re So Square”
The Motards – “Unhappy”
Pink Swords – “Shit on You”
Loli &/the Chones – “I’ve Gotta Gun”
Crime – “Baby, You’re So Repulsive”
Gino &/the Goons – “Big Boy”
The Dwarves – “Who’s Fuckin’ Who”
The Reatards – “Tell a Lie on Me”
The Carbonas – “Hate You”
Steve Adamyk Band – “9 to 5”
The Spaceshits – “More Abuse”
The Hot Pockets – “Everytime We Get Married”
The Kamalas – “Machinery”
Ramma Lamma – “Tiger Don’t Change It’s Stripes”

Mudhoney – “Fuzzgun 2001”
The Statics – “Sold My Soul (to the Rolling Stones)”
Calamity Jane – “Shark” (Portland)
Night Kings – “Black Fluid” (Seattle)
The Fastbacks – “Rat Race”

Explicit 18+


FFOF #34

May 22, 2017

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Radio Episode No. 34

Flathead - “Get the Feel”
Steel Wool - “Mechanical Servants Incorporated”
Mudhoney - “New World Charm”
Thankless Dogs - “Time To Say”

The Motards - “Nothing Ever Changes”
Johnny Motel &/the Fast Fucks - “Knock Down Blues”
The Cryin’ Out Louds - “Hangman Lager”
Johnny &/the Jumper Cables - “Total Depravity”
Whatever Brains - “Mount Whatever”
The Fungi Girls - “Turquoise Hotel”
The Shrapnelles - “HIV”
Demolition Doll Rods - “I Wanna O.D.”
The Jinxes - “Mosquitos”
The Del-Tinos - “Go! Go! Go!”
The Wet - “Let’s Get Wet”

The Titans - “Love In Town”
The Touch-Me-Nots - “Door #3”
The Lazy Cowgirls - “Another Long Goodbye”
Blowfly - Taurus

Explicit 18+