Earache Radio No 12

June 17, 2017

Earache Radio No 12


Tractor Sex Fatality - "Jungle Pam"

The Scientists - "Swampland"

The Makers - "I Get Scared"

The Mono Men - "Over the Edge"

The Carbonas - "Blackout Waiting To Happen"

The Ghetto Ways - "Hidden Charms"

The Highschool Rockers - "Fun Tonight"

The Minds - "We Got the Pop"

The FM Knives - "Estrogen"

Die Rotzz - "Lo Que Necessito"

Blunder Tongue - "Long Tall Willie"

BUM - "Weekend"

The Flash Express - "Ride the Flash Express"

Pearl Schwartz - End of Love"

The Fatals - "If You Don't Like Me"

HEAD - "Luv Theme of HEAD"

The Kent 3 - "Basketball Medics"

The Gargoyles - "The Goat"

The Thankless Dogs - "Never Knowing"

The Intimate Fags - "Break the Back"



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